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  • 19.07 - 02.08.2015

    European Championship 25, 50, 300m, Maribor, Slovenia

  • 06.08 - 16.08.2015

    ISSF World Cup, Gabala, Azerbaijan

  • 09.09 - 18.09.2015

    ISSF World Championship, Lonato, Italy

Use the RWS test shooting range to be equipped to the best technical standards. Arrange an appointment!


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... have trusted RWS quality. Because they know: ammunition from RWS fulfills the most exacting requirements and is the guarantee for a perfect hunt.   

Research and Development

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For all those who wish or are required to refrain from using traditional leaded ammunition, RWS offers the EVOLUTION GREEN and the HIT-bullet, the cleverest alternative yet.

Leadfree Hunting Ammunition

"One reason why I’ve been shooting using ammunition from RWS for years is that it's extremely reliable. I can always rely 100% on my material and that's the way it should be if you want to compete in world class shooting events"

Barbara Engleder - World Champion with RWS R50

RWS Rimfire Cartridges

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The performance booster technology that was applied for the first time offers a noticeable plus!

RWS Silver Selection

RWS probably has the largest range of bullets and calibers!

All Hunting Rifle Cartridges

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